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The TERRA ROSSA Producer Family Francesco Bellani - Stelio Bellani - Daniel Bellani

Francesco Bellani
Senior Chef, Founder

 Oldest Olive Oil Producer in Croatia
94 years

Francesco Bellani, Senior Chef and Founder

Stelio Bellani

Stelio Bellani, Producer

Daniel Bellani

Marketing / Sales 
Certified Olive Oil Sensory Expert
Food Sensory Science Group
of the University of Applied Sciences, Zurich
Member of the Swiss Olive Oil Panel (SOP)


Daniel Bellani, Marketing & Sales Responsible

Our family story begins with Francesco Bellani. His passion for olive oil began late in his life. This was the beginning of the Bellani Olive Oil story. His son Stelio started together with his son Daniel their own brand “TERRA ROSSA Extra Virgin Olive Oil” and continued with the grandfather’s passion. We are a family owned, family farmed and deeply rooted in traditional practices.


Olive oil is our sole passion, which is why we take exceptional pride in the way we make it. TERRA ROSSA Extra Virgin Olive Oil is produced using sophisticated, state-of-the-art equipment and techniques combined with exacting quality standards. We are proud to produce one of the first extra virgin olive oils to 100% organic agriculture standards.


The olive harvest occurs every year when the olives achieve their peak weight, are gently ripened, and have become plump with oil. We harvest our olives by handpicking only. The olives are collected and taken to a mill the same day they are picked. We create an olive paste by crushing the whole fruit, after we malaxing (kneading) the olive paste for 20 to 45 min. (This process requires no heat, so it is called “cold-extracting”). After a  paper and micro filtration process removes sediment, the oil is ready for inspection and tasting.

When you choose TERRA ROSSA Extra Virgin Olive Oil, you are choosing a high quality, organic, and original Croatian product. To this day, olive oil remains our sole passion. It is not just something we make; it is the only thing we make. TERRA ROSSA and the Bellani Family are committed to excellence and uncompromising attention to detail. To understand our passion, you have to taste TERRA ROSSA Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

The Story of the Bellani Family

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