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TERRA ROSSA - Extra Virgin Olive Oil
TERRA ROSSA Extra Virgin
Olive Oil participated at the following competitions:
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TERRA ROSSA - based on EU organic standards

Based on the decisions of the Authority Cooperative Bio Agri Cert (ABC) is authorized to control body for the implementation of professional control and certification in the area of organic production in accordance with the provisions of the organic production and labeling of organic products(NN RH No.. 139/2010) and related regulations with the assigned code number HR-ECO-03.


Based on the decision of Croatian Accreditation Agency code:6140/08 of 25 March 2008. The Cooperative Agri Bio Cert isaccredited according to ISO / IEC 17020:2005 for the technical control of organic production, processing and import of organic products. Croatian Accreditation Agency has confirmed that the Cooperative Agri Bio Cert in the process of accreditat.

TERRA ROSSA is a confirmed member of the Cooperative BIO AGRI CERT.










Organic Certification
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2016, April





2015, April





2013, November

TERRA ROSSA is "Silver Award Winner" by the NYIOOC 2016
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TERRA ROSSA is "Gold Award Winner" by the NYIOOC 2015
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Severely limited quantities of the 2013 TERRA ROSSA olive oil
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The Bellani Family currently farms around 2.4 hectares with approximately 1,600 young trees. They produce the TERRA ROSSA Extra Virgin Olive Oil exclusively through 100% organic farming in limited and consecutively numbered bottles each year. TERRA ROSSA Extra Virgin Olive Oil has an intense limpid golden yellow color with warm green hues. Its aroma is ample and definite, rich in fruit notes of lemon, and  green vegetable with fragrant hints of herbs and green fruits. Its taste is rotund and strong, with a flavor of nut-, almond- and pinenkernel. Bitterness and pungency is balanced. It is ideal on bruschetta with tomatoes, octopus Carpaccio, marinated fish, soups, salads, and pasta.


The olive trees are planted exclusively in the unique terra rossa soils and grow on a south-facing terrace. Optimal all-day sunshine and the fresh sea air ensure the optimal growth of the trees. From the nursing of the trees to the harvest of the olives, everything is done by hand. The harvested olives are cold-pressed the same day already. The olive varieties Istarska Bjelica, Istarska Buza, Pendolino, Frantoio, and Leccino are used for TERRA ROSSA Extra Virgin Olive Oil.


The interaction of the red soil and the individual olive varieties is reflected in the flavor of this unique and strictly limited olive oil. Every drop of oil encapsulates the experience and the passion of the Bellani family, together forming an accomplished and fully organic product of the highest quality.

TERRA ROSSA - Superior Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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