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Istarska Bijelica - TERRA ROSSA Bellani

Agro biological properties
Robust, of medium size, with dense foliage inclined to grow high. Branches are straight, long, robust; fruit bearing branches are straight or slightly sagging. Leaves are green and elliptical. Olives are medium-large and oval. When fully ripe, drupes become light-yellow, occasionally with an opaque purple surface.

Fruit bearing

High and regular, with high oil yield. Young plants are late to bear fruit.

Anemophile (wind carried). Recommended fertilizers: Leccino, Frantoio.


Found throughout Istria and Kvarner.

Resistance to adversities
Sensitive to olive fly (bactrocea oleae). Resistant to lower temperatures and wind (bura).

Quality of the oil
Excellent. Distinctly bitter and spicy.

Istarska Bijelica
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