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Pendolino - TERRA ROSSA Bellani

Agro biological properties
Moderately vigorous, with hanging and sagging branches. Dense foliage, with tight, tapered leaves. Olives are elongated, slightly asymmetrical, of medium weight. The fruit bearing branches are long and turn downward. Fruit bearing is early. Adaptable to diverse soil conditions.​​

Fruit bearing
Abundant, regular, early with gradual maturation (September, October).​

Anemophile fertilization (wind carried). Good fertilizer for many species. Recommended fertilizers: Maurino, Rossciola, Leccino.​​

Tuscany (Italy). Cultivated in Istria since 1940.​​

Resistance to adversities
Sensitive to sooty mould. Moderate resistance to lower temperatures.​

Quality of the oil
Excellent, fruity, high oil yield. Widely cultivated exclusively as a fertilizer, often neglecting the high-caliber oil.​

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